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Cooking class

Cooking class

Cooking class

It was so fun and interesting for me to do this Mochi cooking class mainly for expats living in Hiroshima.
This can be so common among us Japanese, but I found that is not among non-Japanese, so its worth explaining.  

Maybe there are many chances for foreigners/expats to be invited to some expensive formal matters,
such as tea ceremony, which are well explained in English everywhere.
However, as for very common and ordinal daily life matters are rare target to be introduced nor explained.  

And as a picture book read aloud demonstrator myself,
read a famous Japanese folk tale of Kasajizo (: The March of Zizo),
which is regarding Mochi and celebrating new year both in English and Japanese, just as I always do.

Let me share with you feedback from my last week's Mochi cooking class participants,
and if you are interested in joining like these cooking classes, just feel free to send me direct message.
thank you

Mochi Cooking class, this time with kids!  

1. Zouni: Kombu based soy sauce soup with mochi, shrimp, cram, yellow tail fish, chicken,
fishcake, radish, carrot, trefoil and yuzu.

2. traditional dippings for simply
eating cooked mochi: azuki, kinako, soysauce w/sugar and glinded radish

3. how to be prepared for bringing own mochi at Tondo yaki

Event name Cooking Class
Japanese food cooking class Typical Japanese food cooking class. All the explanation is in English.
Schedule/Location at your request.

(Transportation expenses will be charged separately)
Fee JPY+tax (differs by ingredients)
Applicartion/ Inquiry https://kaorikotoba1.sakura.ne.jp/contact.php


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