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Your New Life in Japan

Your New Life in Japan

I know it's not at all easy to start living in Japan if you could not read Japanese,
for many places except for big cities, everything is written only in Japanese and
those are almost always with Difficult Chinese characters.

With my interpreting skills, I wish you to feel easier and more comfortable with start living in Japan.
I wish to share with you useful cultural tips(manners, words, actions ...etc)

Event name Interpreting service
Service Interpreting English - Japanese
Service Fee 5500JPY(2h,10% tax included)

additional per hour : 2750JPY(10% tax included)
Application/Inquiry https://kaorikotoba1.sakura.ne.jp/contact.php

+819047657949 Kaori
Service Examples Attending to the local hospitals.

Attending to grocery stores to explain which is the one you need.

Any specific places which you need English translation.

Your New Life in Japan


I know it's hard to start living in Japan! Most things are written only in Japanese.

Here I'd love to provide you tips, info and events which might make your new life in Japan easier!


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